TV is everywhere

Axwave provides a 360º view of personal media exposure


By matching media exposure and purchase information, we are able to measure True ROI



Measuring how people consume content in real time

Axwave has developed a proprietary ACR technology that uses the Smartphone’s microphone to collect exposure to media in real time in a secure and private way. We lead the market with completely customized devices, making our solutions not only portable, but superior in cost compared to current solutions, with one of the largest databases obtainable today. Our services also include highly advanced post processing contextual learning to provide razor sharp results removing all possible postulations.

Individual usage patterns on out of home, as well as in-home media consumption

What users are watching: Live TV, DVR, Streaming services

Understanding the real impact of media consumption

Axwave’s proprietary ACR technology and advanced data intelligence allow Brands to measure true Media ROI

Reports  Advertising Spots occurrence by brand and category in realtime

Maps Media exposure against consumer data (demographics, location, purchases)


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Axwave provides customizations for companies who would like to leverage the technology for their particular application.

These include:

info_icons-13  Panelist for Measurement of Media Consumption-See Panelist Page 
info_icons-07 Broadcast and Audience Monitoring. 

An example of an Enterprise customer is contained in this Case Study.

See Enterprise Page for more details.