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Axwave provides a 360º view of personal media exposure
Meet our Media ROI and Ad Monitoring solutions

Media ROI

By matching media exposure and purchase information, we are able to measure True ROI



Deeper insights into your users’ behaviour

Axwave’s proprietary technology makes it possible to passively collect users’ content and advertising exposure with the most advanced personal people meter ever designed. We have the unique ability to identify users’ content and advertising exposure with zero reliance on third party data results, and deliver a prompt, single-source data collection. Exposure data is overlapped with the user’s mobile device GPS locator as well as their internet behavior and app usage, leading to a better understanding of the impact that advertising has on consumer behavior.

Understanding the real impact of media consumption

Axwave’s panelist solution (ATOMI) measures the personalized behaviors of individuals by capturing their TV content and advertising exposure in real time, no matter where or when a viewer tunes in. Our passive tracking provides behind-the-scenes access to consumers’ TV behavior.

We also capture financial data to marry with panelists’ TV behavior to calculate personal ROI and see which campaigns have driven people to action.

Use ATOMI for:

  • Media planning
  • Marketing analyses
  • Competitive insights

Ad Monitoring

Axwave’s proprietary ad monitoring solution (AdAX),  uses state-of-the-art proprietary ACR technology to identify and compile TV ad spots in real time so brands can see where and when their and their competitors’ ads are airing. Our 24/7 real-time tracking analyzes commercial spots on over 120 national television networks to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive ad airings information in the industry.


ACR Technology

Measuring how people consume content in real time

Axwave’s patented proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology uses a smartphone’s microphone to securely and privately collect media exposure in real time. Our services also include highly advanced post-processing contextual learning to provide razor sharp results. Axwave’s highly advanced ACR encrypts and compresses microphone audio and sends a small “fingerprint” of data for servers to decipher, which is several orders of magnitude more efficient than other solutions. The world-class ACR algorithms use this single small fingerprint to measure individual media consumption both in and out of home against a proprietary database of:

  • 130 Live TV channels
  • 70,000 TV ads
  • 30-days of DVR time-lapsed Live TV
  • OTT content from services like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes & Hulu


How it works