Understanding Viewing Habits

Provides More Valuable Mobile User Experiences

TV Recognition

Discover Movies, TV Shows and Ads in Real-Time


Improve your user’s experience and increase engagement using Axwave’s FREE real-time content recognition technology.

Monetization option provides TV audience enhanced targeting to maximize the effective CPM of your valuable inventory.

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On average people are watching 4hrs 20 mins of live TV and 1hr of on demand TV each day (Nielsen). Over 85% of them are using their mobile while watching TV.

Our partners use the Real-Time Crowd Sourced TV Data from millions of users for measuring and optimizing the TV and Mobile user experience. Unique insights include:

Individual usuage patterns to complement Smart TV and Set Top Box data

Understand who is watching TV ads in real time

Information on out of home, as well as in-home TV consumption.

What users are watching OTT, OnDemand, and how the DVR is being used.


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The most advanced algorithms in the world uses the mobile microphone in a secure and private way to provide real-time user data on the viewing of over


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The standard Axwave Technology is delivered in a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can work in a Mobile App or run in the background measuring frequencies when the Mobile screen is off.

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Axwave provides customizations for companies who would like to leverage the technology for their particular application.

An example of an Enterprise customer is contained in this Case Study.


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