Axwave's portable ACR technology captures media exposure and monitors content occurrences across Live TV, DVR, On Demand, OTT, Radio and TV Ads

Content Identification

Content identification: Second Screen, TV Sync, Ad Retargeting…

Enhance your mobile app by integrating Axwave’s mobile SDK in your mobile app (fully compatible with iOS and Android, among others). You will be able to identify what your users are watching: channel/platform, program, episode and season number, brand and product advertised… The integration will take you minutes and will open a whole new world of possibilities: second screen features, ad retargeting, TV synchronization, etc.

Media exposure: using ACR to measure how people consume content in real time

Axwave’s technology uses a smartphone’s microphone to securely and privately collect media exposure in real time. Our services also include highly advanced post-processing contextual learning to provide razor sharp results. Axwave’s highly advanced ACR encrypts and compresses microphone audio and sends a small fingerprint (*) of data for servers to decipher, which is several orders of magnitude more efficient than other solutions.

(*) Digital Fingerprints are compact digital impressions extracted from the original audio content which represent contents’ characteristics and have enough details to identify a content variant upon comparison.

Content: largest catalog in the industry

The world-class ACR algorithms use single small digital fingerprints to measure individual media consumption in a nimbly way, both in and out of home, against a proprietary content database (the largest in the industry):

Live TV

150 US TV channels

200 UK TV channels

Easy access to 1000+ extra channels


130,000 assets

3,000 new ads per month

More than 100 TV stations monitored

Time shifted TV

35 days DVR

OTT & On Demand

120,000 assets

Including all Netflix,Hulu and Amazon Video originals


900 US radio stations

1,000 radio stations worldwide


1,000+ movies, including new releases and classic blockbusters

Panelist Solution

Understanding the real impact of media consumption through advanced audience measurement analytics

Axwave’s panelist solution uses ACR technology based on audio fingerprinting to measure the personalized behaviors of individuals by capturing their TV content and advertising exposure in real time, no matter where or when a viewer tunes in. Our passive tracking provides behind-the-scenes access to consumers’ TV behavior. Our unique second-by-second matching mode allows for the most accurate media exposure solution in the market.

Use Axwave for Media planning, Marketing analyses, Competitive insights, etc. Several multi-billion dollar companies on the Media Research Industry are already using Axwave’s Panelist Solution in the US and EU: Axwave carries all top national US TV channels (broadcast and cable), and 300+ channels in the EU markets (UK, Germany, France, Italy).

Panelist Solution output sample:


Media Monitoring

Axwave’s state-of-the-art proprietary ACR technology ca be used to identify and compile media occurrences across different input streams. We just need to plug one or multiple audio streams (TV, Radio, Online Channels, Custom Content, etc.) to our platform in order to leverage our content recognition features and produce accurate reports as we do in AdAX, our in-house developed US TV Ads monitor (click here to learn more about AdAX)


Platform Overview

Deeper insights into your users’ behaviour

Axwave’s technology makes it possible to passively collect users’ content and advertising exposure with the most advanced personal people meter ever designed. We have the unique ability to identify users’ content and advertising exposure with zero reliance on third party data results, and deliver a prompt, single-source data collection. Exposure data is overlapped with the user’s mobile device GPS locator as well as their internet behavior and app usage, leading to a better understanding of the impact that advertising has on consumer behavior.

This is a high level overview of Axwave’s data flow, from media source audio to report generation, including content ingestion. For further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.