ATOMI: Axwave’s Panel

Axwave’s core technology allows for a smooth panelist experience. By integrating Axwave’s SDK in a panelist app running on either a phone, tablet or any other of the wide range of compatible smart devices, they turn into an accurate Personal Meter without losing any of their capabilities, meaning that panelists can keep using them as personal devices as well. This represents a big step forward for the audience measurement industry, where bulky, non-smart meters that used to be the norm are not necessary anymore.

Personal Media Exposure + Demographics

In 2016, Axwave launched ATOMI, its own audience measurement panel, with an accurate representation of the US population, as shown in the following ATOMI vs comparison.

Each of the panelists is surveyed on key demographics features when the panelist application is installed; such valuable information, along with the viewership data, is used by advanced algorithms to determine behavioural patterns across interest groups.


Click here for a full Demographic Breakdown view.

Viewership results

ATOMI allows to determine a the viewing patterns of the sample. In this chart we can see represented some of the top networks in the country, with an important peak on Feb 5th (FOX): The Super Bowl.



Demographics-based reports can be easily created on ATOMI; it’s just a matter of combining different features and coming up with sharp results… in just a few clicks.


Ads exposure

ATOMI and AdAX (Axwave’s TV Ads Monitoring Solution) allow for detailed reports on TV Ads exposure. The chart below represents an interest group exposure (number times users saw an Ad from each brand) to different top brands during the full Olympics period and on a specific day Aug 22nd.

Specific panelists patterns can also be selected, as the following charts shows: Ad exposure for a panelist in a 4-day range.