Axwave Privacy Policy – Overview

Axwave is committed to being a responsible participant in the mobile and TV ecosystem and to protecting personal information about mobile application users and their content usage.

What we do

Axwave has content recognition technology which gets integrated into mobile applications using a Software Development Kit (SDK). Using this technology, app developers know what their users are watching on Live or Over-The-Top (OTT) TV and what music they are listening to and, therefore, can enhance the user experience.

See more detailed description here (Detailed Policy)

How we do it

The content is recognized using the mobile phone microphone. The microphone data is immediately secured and processed by a proprietary algorithm into a “fingerprint.” The “fingerprint” is then encrypted, compressed and transferred to the server for content matching. If the content is successfully recognized then we send information about the content to the mobile app.

To help ensure user privacy and security after the matching attempt, the “fingerprint” is immediately deleted on the mobile device and the server. Even if someone were to obtain a “fingerprint,” it would be impossible to understand any recognizable audio from it.

 What we collect

Mobile devices have anonymous identifiers. They are used by a SDK to understand which devices have recognized content and provide metadata associated with that content type, including live TV, TV ads, OTT content and music. However, such identifiers do not enable Axwave to identify individuals but can be used for certain analytics purposes, like understanding how often a device has been exposed to a specific TV advertisement.

Axwave does not transmit, collect, share or store personally identifiable information but only non-identifiable information in anonymous or aggregate form. Also, Axwave generally requires that app developers provide clear end-user notice mechanisms, obtain all relevant permissions for all use cases, including automatic recognition, have the right to pass such information to Axwave, and otherwise comply with all state and federal laws that apply to them regarding the protection of personal information. Axwave may provide reasonable assistance to app developers in these areas upon request.

In conjunction with app developer partners, Axwave may also receive other device information, such as how it is connected to the Internet (IP Address, phone model, etc.). This information is used to ensure the accuracy of the Axwave content recognition and to support the functionality provided to the application.

See more detailed description here (Detailed Policy)

Use of Information

Axwave enables its marketing partners to better understand how mobile devices are being used in conjunction with TV and music, which includes market research and companies in the advertising ecosystem. Axwave delivers this information to its partners either in an aggregated or an anonymized form. At no time is personally identifiable information provided. Where Axwave provides information to our partners, they are required to use the information they receive in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

See more detailed description here (Detailed Policy)


Axwave does not knowingly collect, store or use information about children under the age of 13.  If we become aware of information in our system that relates to a child under 13, we will take all commercially reasonable steps to delete that information.


The best way to ensure that Axwave is not collecting data related to an end-user device is to uninstall the application that contains the Axwave SDK. If an end user you does not know which application is using the Axwave SDK, and does not want any data stored related to the device, then he or she should email: , and we will provide instructions on how to be removed. Alternatively please contact us at:


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